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We support innovation, learning, and look to prepare students for success in all areas of drone technology and applications.

TECH 150 Basic Drone Piloting

This is an 8-week, entry-level course that trains students on the principles, guidelines and regulations regarding effective piloting of unmanned aerial vehicles. Safety and ethics associated with drone flight as well as the law will also be stressed. This course prepares students to take an pass the FAA’s Part 107 certification exam.  TECH 150 and TECH 151 are NOT sequential courses and are taken separately. *Required for Apprenticeship Program (if TECH 151 is not taken)* (CSU) (Degree Credit)

TECH 140 Basic Drone Maintenance and Repair

This course provides the student with introductory knowledge of maintenance and repair of small uncrewed aerial vehicles (sUAVs) and prepares them for further studies and/or employment. The course involves, lecture, discussion, and project-based learning projects. (Degree Credit) (CSU)

TECH 151 Applied Drone Piloting

This is a full 16-week entry-level course.  The first 8 weeks are IDENTICAL to TECH 150 where students learn the basics of piloting an unmanned aerial system, or drone, and how it can be applied in their preferred career. The second 8-weeks are focused  applications training. Students will learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and be introduced to Pix4D Mapper applications to use with drones. TECH 150 and TECH 151 are NOT sequential courses and are taken separately. *Required for Apprenticeship Program (if TECH 150 is not taken)* (CSU) (Degree Credit)

TECH 158 Advanced Drone Piloting

In this 16-week course, students will learn advanced drone piloting techniques including multiple drone operations, field operations, extended operation, first person view (FPV) piloting, and others. Students will fly to NIST standards and to AUVSI Trusted Operator certification.  Safety and the development of practices and policies will be stressed. TECH 150 OR TECH 151 are prerequisites of this course and one of them must be completed before registering. *Required for Apprenticeship Program* (CSU) (Degree Credit)

TECH 155 Applied Drone Lab

This is a 16-week course.  In this course, students will learn the basics of unmanned systems, parts, construction, and how they work. Students will create a functioning aerial, terrestrial, or submersible system. (CSU) (Degree Credit)

TECH 80 Drone Pilot Test Prep

This online, self-paced course reviews and prepares students to take the Federal Aviation Administration’s initial aeronautical knowledge test, and help pass the FAA’s Part 107 Airman Knowledge Test for a remote pilot certificate. It provides resources that will help guide students on basic aeronautics and operations as they pertain to drone piloting.

TECH 095 FPV Drone Piloting

This course will introduce first person view (FPV) drone piloting skills with hands-on flying and lecture. The course will also introduce students to basic maintenance and repair of small quad copter drones used in FPV. Piloting skills for cinematic, freestyle, and racing of FPV aerial quads will be taught and developed throughout this course. (Degree Credit)

JOUR 215 Drone journalism

This 16-week course is designed to give students the ability to learn about UAV’s (drones) and how to use them in filmmaking, photography, and cinematorgraphy. Special emphasis is placed on equipment selection, aerial photography and video storytelling, editing and safety and ethical considerations. (CSU) (Degree Credit)

TECH 160 Infrared Thermography

This is a 16-week course that focuses on how thermography is used for a variety of conditions including monitoring/predictive maintenance and identification. Students will learn how to collect, interpret and analyze infrared data by using a drone and aerial imaging. (CSU) (Degree Credit)

TECH 165 Aerial Mapping and Photogrammetry

This is a 16-week course that introduces students to the skills in data acquisition, data processing techniques for mapping and by using Pix4D Mapper. Students will learn principles of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and how to use them to acquire data, create mapping images, point clouds, overlays, and 3D meshes. Programs like Drone Deploy will also be introduced. (CSU) (Degree Credit).

TECH 260 Multispectral and Hyperspectral Sensing with Drones

This 16-week course will teach students how to capture and gain experience in the proper use of multispectral and hyperspectral imaging methods of remote imaging for various applications including agriculture, inspection, surveying, and many others. (Degree Credit) (CSU)

TECH 159 Counter Drone Operations (limited enrollment)

With the rapid influx of drones into society, there is a need to help identify and address any possible threats that can come from bad actors.

The Fullerton Drone Lab offers a course for law enforcement, security personnel, federal employees, and other qualified individuals on counter drone operations.

Collaboration with courses in cyber security and administration of justice make this program an essential part of security surrounding this new and growing technology.

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