Unmanned aerial systems, most commonly referred to as drones, are used in a variety of fields today and continue to expand into many others every day.

Goldman Sachs projects a growth of $100 billion in the commercial drone industry over the next five years, and according to the study, that projection is “just the tip of the iceberg. Drones’ full economic potential is likely to be multiple times that number, as their ripple effects reverberate through the economy.”

The Fullerton Drone Lab not only teaches students to become better and safer pilots, but also teaches them the application of drones in various industries. Students from all industry sectors can learn how drones can help enhance their workplace, while learning to be safer in the skies. All of the training builds up to the optional FAA Part 107  Remote Pilot Certification exam.

Drones can be used for applications in many fields. The Fullerton Drone Lab focuses primarily on the application of drones in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure inspection

  • Surveying

  • Construction

  • Architecture

  • Administration of justice/Public safety

  • Search and Rescue

  • Cinematography

  • Photography

  • Mapping/GIS



TECH 150 Basic Drone Piloting

Learn piloting skills, safety, flight management, proper care and use for your drones and much more. The course prepares you to take your Part 107 test for a commercial license.

TECH 151 Applied Drone Piloting

Students will learn proper and safe piloting skills. In addition, they will learn how to apply drones to their field. They will gain hands-on knowledge and experience of how to use drones in the field.

TECH 158 Advanced Drone Piloting

Students will strengthen their piloting skills and learn more advanced techniques like field operation, night flying, FPV, and more. Successful completion of either TECH 150 or 151 is required.

TECH 155 Applied Drone Lab

For students who are more interested in building and understanding how drones work, this course is for you. This course is geared toward identifying what type of drone is needed and then building that drone to solve a problem.

TECH 80 Drone pilot test prep

This one-unit test-prep course will help prepare students for the FAA Part 107 remote pilot exam.

JOUR 215 Drone journalism

This course helps students learn, understand and apply drones for video storytelling.

TECH 159 Counter Drone Operations (limited enrollment)

With the rapid influx of drones into society, there is a need to help identify and address any possible threats that can come from bad actors.
The Fullerton Drone Lab offers a course for law enforcement, security personnel, federal employees, and other qualified individuals on counter drone operations.
Collaboration with courses in cyber security and administration of justice make this program an essential part of security surrounding this new and growing technology.


Autonomous Systems Development Associate in Science Degree

The Autonomous Systems Technology Associate in Science Degree is designed to develop the skills necessary to facilitate transfer to a university and provide a comprehensive understanding of autonomous systems. Students seeking a degree in engineering or areas related to Autonomous Systems Technology may pursue careers in industries such as manufacturing, defense, agriculture, surveying, medical, automotive, power, communications and many more.

Basic Drone Piloting

The Basic Drone Piloting Certificate is designed to provide the student with entry level employment skills needed for safely flying drones for use in various industries. After completion, students can take the exam to become federally licensed drone pilots.

Autonomous Systems Certificate

The Autonomous Systems Certificate is designed to develop the skills necessary to provide a comprehensive understanding of autonomous systems. Students seeking a certificate in Autonomous Systems may pursue careers in industries such as manufacturing, defense, agriculture, surveying, medical, automotive, power, communications and many more. In order to be well prepared for this technical field, students should complete as many courses as possible that relate to future job and career prospects


Variety of drones

Our fleet consists of a variety of drones made by DJI, Yuneec, Parrot and others. This allows for students to learn various flight systems and become accustomed to flying a wide array of today’s drones.


Mobile drone command vehicle

Our one of a kind mobile command vehicle provides a real-world learning experience in the applications of drones in the field. Students get hands-on experience outside of the classroom.

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